We are Maju Bela Diri

Maju Bela Diri is a new twist on ancient arts. Our roots dig deep into Chinese: Kun Tao, Wing Chung and Jeet Kun Do; Indonesian: Silat, Ci Mande, and Harimau, and Filipino: Kombatan Arnis and Kali. Maju Bela Diri is the culmination of all these arts into one comprehensive training system. Teaching is done in a classical progression. Each new lesson building on previous lessons with focus on individuality. Due to all the basic motions translating to other aspects, to include: empty hand / unarmed, edged weapon, stick fighting, flexible weapons, disarms, weapon retention, and ground fighting, our classes are beginner friendly and easily adaptable to students with previous training. Basic Instruction includes: General Fitness, Forms, Self Defense, Close Quarter Combat, and Weapons Training. Advanced Instruction and Seminar Classes are more specific in areas including Weapons of Opportunity, Women’s Self Defense, Internal Energy, Healing Arts, and Philosophical Theory.